Eloquence Language

Eloquence Language has a new website: www.eloquencelanguage.com.

This was my first website project at Roundpeg.  While I had helped Erica with other projects, this was the first one I was responsible for.  I learned quite a bit along the way and am really happy with the way it turned out.

While similar to many of the sites Roundpeg has done in the past, it does have some unique features.  One of the more challenging elements was the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section.

Owner, Karen Friedman, had written fairly lengthy answers to each question.   If we had simply listed them all on one page it would have been hard for visitors to quickly find the information they were searching for.   We decided instead to build a question page, which you can see in the image above, with links to answers which were actually individual blog posts.

This makes it easier to search the content and creates more opportunities to optimize each question for search.

Eloquence Language is a language translation and interpretation company. They translate a wide range of documents and websites, including legal, medical and health related documents and  human resource information. They also provide interpretation services for meetings and conferences.  To learn more about what they do visit their website at: www.eloquencelanguage.com.