BlogpostPicCreating a flyer for long term care and disability insurance is challenging because there are only so many images of sad or injured people.  And, let’s face it, those images don’t make you want to look at the information.  So, when we were asked to develop a promotional flyer for  Innovative Individual Insurance , we took a different approach…

Our client sells supplemental products to compliment the primary insurance offered by employers.   With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to draw a parallel between the side dishes served at Thanksgiving and their Insurance products.  Our headline:  “Turkey without the sides…isn’t so appealing”  was paired with eye catching photos of of turkey and the trimmings.

“What Ala Carte options do you need?” Health, Life, Disability, Dental and/or Long Term? Innovative Individual Insurance offers a menu of items where you can pick and choose the types of insurance you need.

At first, grasping the different approach of this  flyer was challenging, but now as I look at the appetizing food pictures and the “Ala Carte” menu, I think this ad could also be used in Bon Appetit magazine!