Email Ninja, Michael Reynolds

Email Ninja, Michael Reynolds

I had a chance to sit down with Michael Reynolds, owner of Spin Web recently.  We talked about a number of things including Inbox Zero.  If you are not familiar with the concept, it is a technique for managing your email instead of letting it manage you.

The goal of Inbox Zero is to clear your “inbox” every time you sit down to address email.  It sounds impossible, especially for someone like me who receives hundreds of emails, but it works.  At the core of Inbox Zero are four folders:

  • Action Required
  • Someday Maybe
  • Waiting For
  • Archive

Making the switch from multiple folders for projects, customers and employees to just four was difficult at first. As I have used the system, I discover it is faster to find what I am looking for then it was when I had lots of folders.

Want to learn more about Inbox Zero?  Listen to today’s podcast, check out Michael’s blog, or even one of his seminars and you can become an email Ninja too!