As a small business owner, there are always so many things on my to do list.    Running the business, delivering projects to clients, working with my staff, meeting with prospects, sending proposals, networking, etc.   Sometimes I wish I could clone myself, or work while I sleep.

BarbPhotoweb1This week, Barb Jones, of  Stellar Infusionsoft Coaching explains how CRM tools allow a small business to do just that!

Barb explains that contact management software lets you keep track of prospects and clients, but a CRM system allows you to automate the process.  Now you can stay in touch with clients while you are sleeping or working on other projects.  It also allows you to send relevant content to a small group with common interests.

At Roundpeg, we are experimenting with CRM tools and have found the results to be very positive. Our How to Write a Business Plan in Ten Weeks program is fueled by a CRM tool.   We have several people a week enrolling in the program and each person enjoys the benefits of the entire program regardless of when they start.

We are going to look at other applications as well. What about you? Do you use a CRM tool today?