Everyone is talking about moving business on line, but for may small business owners it seems overwhelming. Chris Brogan has written a great post with 5 things small business owners should do today. And you can read his entire post here:

I want talk to about his first point: Start a Blog. He says

Start a blog – I can’t think of any simpler website technology to start and master, and there are cheap and free platforms readily available. Why a blog? Because they’re easy to create, because they’re easy to update, because they encourage repeat visits, and because you can use them in many flexible ways.

Setting up your blog is easy.  The hard part is often finding things to write about.   Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

  • Industry trends – Share what you are reading to stay ahead of the curve. Even a simple link to industry statistics, new research and product announcements or reviews will be valuable to your readers
  • Company news – Are you changing, growing or down sizing.  Write about new employees, new products, and new services, or use the blog to say goodbye to employees.
  • Community news – Ultimately social media is most effective when you are social.  If your business is locally based, occasionally p0st information about what is going on locally and what you are doing in the community.
  • Projects you are working on, have just completed, or just started.  Remember to include relevant key words so other clients can find you.

And finally, don’t feel like a blog has to have just one voice.  Encourage employees to write posts, and invite peers and strategic partners to “stop by and share what they know as well”  The multiple voices will make the blog more interesting for everyone.