We have never been an comfortable calling ourselves an ad agency, but most people don’t really understand the difference when I refer to Roundpeg as a marketing firm.

After reading Jason Fall’s post on the culture clash between  social media and traditional ad agencies I have a new definition  of who we are.  He says:

Social media is, in many ways, the antithesis of advertising. Advertising is one-way communications aimed at large groups of consumers. Social media is two-way communications that requires listening as well as speaking.

Ultimately, Jason says “social media is about building relationships.”  And that is what Roundpeg is; a relationship firm.  Long before social media became the new ” buzz word” we were working with small business owners to find creative and innovative ways to promote their brand.

Without the budget  or brand recognition of larger firms. we have always felt  relationships, built and nurtured over time would give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace. Eight  years ago I taught networking classes,  and I still do from time to time.   But today I have added Social media to the mix.  Why? Because used properly ( and not abused) social media is  a great way to nurture relationships.

For more on good and bad uses of social media, check out some of my other posts on the topic. And then read stuff by people I think really are experts: Kyle Lacy, Michael Reynolds and Douglas Karr.