Voting has started for the 2009 Indiana’s Favorite Blog Contest.  Actually there are two separate contents promoting local bloggers.   So what is going on?  Two groups had a similar thought to promote local bloggers.   Since we are on both lists, I am glad they did!

I think Mike Seidle sums it up well when he says:

Reality is that I’m just glad to see Indiana bloggers get their due. Looking at the entries, it’s good to see a lot of the same names on both contests. It’s also good to see how many of the contestants in the 2009 Indina’s Favorite Blog contest are different than those on Indiana’s Top 50 Blogs.

To cast your votes, log in and visit the 2009 Indina’s Favorite Blog contest and  Indiana’s Top Fifty Bloggers

There are so many great blogs here in Indiana it is cool to see some activity from the community to recognize them.   So if you enjoy reading this blog, or others, please take the time to vote for your favorites!