If  you are a regular reader of Business Notes from Roundpeg, you may have noticed I seem to be writing more posts on Business Planning.  This is not an accident, as I have chosen to return the focus of the blog, and my business to business planning.

Don’t worry,  there will still be a mix of social media, marketing, pr and networking for small business owners, because thinking through these elements are integral to your planning process.

But the emphasis on business planning is really a return to basics.  Seven years ago when I started Roundpeg, writing business plans was the core of my business.  And from the planning other services emerged. At some point, I began to focus more on the secondary services and that was a mistake because I became a “me too”.

In the Indianapolis small business community, there are hundreds of companies which offer social media, web design, and small business marketing services. My unique value proposition was my ability to write and coach businesses through the business planning process with a specific emphasis on marketing.

And so my blog, and my business are coming full circle, focusing on what we do better then anyone else in our market.  What about you?  Have you been sidetracked lately?  Do you need to return to your core?