We seem to be doing quite a few direct mail campaigns for client right now.  While not for every business, direct mail campaigns, can be a very powerful marekting tool for many small business.   However, a poorly planned campaign, can be disapointing and expensive.   How do you make your campaign more effective?

While design is an important component, and our designer Taylor has created some really fun designs lately, a productive campaign needs more then just good design.

A productive campaign should include:

  1. A  well researched, narrowly targeted list.
  2. A realistic timing schedule.  Don’t send 10,000 cards, then nothing for six weeks.  Space them out so you have time to respond to the inquries.
  3. Follow up with both additional mailings as well as telephone calls.
  4. Test your messages and offers.  Instead of one huge mailing, send out smaller, test groups. Vary layout, message and call to action, till you find the one which makes the phone ring most often.
  5. Be sure to include a  strong call to action, or incentive for your prospect to call you now – Consider time senstive offers, special pricing or free stuff.