This was a tough week at Roundpeg. while we were busy putting the finishing touches on our new website, and gearing up for a busy fall, we had to say goodbye to our three interns.

As a small business, the interns quickly became a part of the family, a great resource to do more, and another voice to challenge some of our assumptions about why we do things a certain way.

For any business owner considering bringing in interns I would offer this advice:  Make good choices about  who you hire.  Free resources aren’t free, if you have to spend too much time, explaining, and re-explaining what you need done. Nor are they free if you have to redo what they did.  So spend time interviewing and screen the candidates.

Have meaningful assignments, not just typing and filing.  Let them use some of what they learned in school, and teach them something they can take back to school as well.

The summer has flown by, and as we say goodbye and good luck to Ellie, Christy and Jay, we wish them well   We know that we would never have been able to accomplish as much as we did without their help this summer.

Our website is almost ready to launch thanks to Jay’s persistence.  We have some cool features and plug ins we could never have included if he hadn’t been willing to read page after page of support forums.

Our newsletters and the ones we write for Rainmaker University are prepped for months to come.   Christy did a great job, even though she thinks Constant Contact hates here.  She has discovered every glitch imaginable, but has learned to work around, and work with the tool, to our advantage.

And Ellie discovered an unusual talent.  She is master of headlines and tweets.  She is at her best when she is trying to catch people’s attention in a few words.  She may not love copy writing in general, but the skill to catch attention with a few words is a great gift.  Follow @rainu to see some of her work.  Thanks to the magic of TweetLater, you will be able to enjoy her content for months to come.

So sad goodbyes to Ellie Jay and Christy and a warm Roundpeg welcome to Melinda and Neil who join us for fall.  stay tuned for their blog posts later this month!