PR is the glue which ties your marketing together. We help you craft consistent messages, weave them throughout your marketing, and distribute those messages to a range of media outlets to increases your visibility and reach. Our services include:

  • Press Release – Development or distribution only

  • Case Studies – With or without a corresponding press release

  • Ghost Writing – Articles and blog posts

  • Comprehensive Media Strategy – Development and execution

What people say

“With Lorraine ’s experience working in high places for such mega-corporations as Carrier and Conseco, she brings wealth of experience not normally possessed small marketing firms. Make no mistake, while the organization may be small, their efforts are very sharp and to the point. Many small marketing firms use a scatter-gun approach to marketing – hoping each shot will at least hit something, with precious little accountability built into the process. Roundpeg hires marksmen and they always hit what they shoot!”

Marla M. Williams, Managing Member,