As more small and large businesses jump into business blogging their are many questions to answer regarding how is blogging different than other corporate communications. how do you modify a company brand to fit a blog.  Dairy Queen is a great example of a company which has done it right.  

The blog drew high praise from Karen Fleeting a corporate blogger from England who said:

Forget the budget; forget the bells and whistles. Ultimately this is a strategy that draws upon straightforward, considered tactics to generate brand awareness, engagement – and lashings of goodwill.

With regard to the layout she says:

It is easy to navigate, is regularly updated and has a personal feel – just look at the header. So many corporate blogs have the company logos stuck in the header and come off bland and dull, because they don’t have any “faces”.

Ultimately, the blog retains the brand integrity – Dairy Queen is a fun brand, and so is it’s blog!  What do you think? Where do you draw the line?  How much personality should you let your blog have?  And do you have other good examples to share?