About a month ago, my good friend Doug Karr, creator of the Marketing Technology Blog invited me to become part of the team, and write the occasional blog post as a member of his community.  I was excited, and flattered, but challenged as well.  Now in addition to writing almost every day for Roundpeg ( I do enjoy when a member of my team writes a post, and gives me a day off) I have to develop relevant content for his audience too.

Sometimes it is tough, because the same story will be a fit for my audience of small business owners, and his tech community, so who gets the post? How do you decide because Google doesn’t really like duplicate content.   I finally came up with a compromise, I am going to quote myself.  (Ok, a bit of ego, but it is a good post)  I gave Doug the original, and I am simply going to point anyone interested in a short case study on rallying your fans to the post.  Here is an excerpt:

In the end, this was a great case study in how companies should use social media to manage their online brand and reputation. You cannot prevent or control negative comments. They will exist. But if you have an army of loyal fans, they will spring to your defense, and help you manage the situation. In addition, instead of hiding in the sand, proactively reaching out to unhappy customers or critics in a public forum, will strengthen your reputation overall.