Written by Jay Mattingly

This is an exciting time at Roundpeg. In addition to all the projects we’re working on, we are working on a redesign of our website.

The website redesign has been a great challenge so far for me. The goal is to redesign the website to make it more navigable, reflecting changes in the business direction, and promote all the fantastic work my coworkers have done. At the same time, Lorraine is passionate about maintaining the brand equity we have built.  Even with the change, she wants the site to keep that distinct “Roundpeg” flavor, reverberating our culture,  personality, and simplicity of style.

The first step in the website redesign was a bit of research as we looked at other agency websites, to see what they did.  We spent a time analyzing what worked and what didn’t. We’ve come across all kinds of incredible websites, from gigantic agencies to companies managed in home offices. Here were a few of our favorites:

www.barbariangroup.com-This site is awesome, if only for the “Barbaripedia”

http://alexanderandassociates.com/ -How cool is this main page?

http://www.asoy.com/This site does a fantastic job of incorporating “you” in the message

Keep checking back for updates to our redesign throughout the summer!

Also, contact, Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design company, with any questions you may have.