Written by Jay Mattingly

In Part 1 of our ongoing Roundpeg redesign series, we examined how we went about doing research to gain inspiration with our website redesign. The second step was to find a WordPress template which we felt we could use to improve the site dramatically.  We only design in WordPress, and wanted the site to showcase some of the best of what we can do.  While we often build templates from scratch, there are some great existing templates, which can be modified easily.

Modifying the template is easy, but finding several we liked, wasn’t  I’ve probably looked at several hundred of templates to try to find the right one. In most cases, we would like some elements from the template, but were totally put off by something else. Then there were the conversations about how easy it would be to change a certain feature.

We went through tons of different sites and it took a while to find templates we liked, but in the end I felt like the effort we put into our search was rewarded with a couple really good “finalists”.

We’re getting to the point where the choices are getting narrowed down. I’m excited to see the mockups of our “finalists” because I think that will be the first moment when our vision will start to become a reality.

Here are some of the sites on which I found a ton of great themes:

Theme Forest


We should have some mockups with the new templates for your consideration. Keep checking back with the blog for updates on our redesign!

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