Football300x400Have you ever noticed most sports get more interesting after the second half?  Basketball, football, soccer, the teams go into the locker room, and the great ones seem to come out more focused, ready to win after half time!

Why? Because they use the time between the halves  to assess their game, their competitors, and the conditions. They ask three important questions.

  1. What is working?
  2. What isn’t working?
  3. What needs to change?

Although there is only a few minuts between the halves, they use that time to adjust their strategy and return to the field ready to win.   At that point, what happend in the first half is irrelevant, the game will be decided by how well they play the second half.

The same is true for small business, and July is half time!  It is the perfect time to step off the playing field, for just a little while.  Look at what is going on in your business, and ask yourself, your team and your advisors  the same questions.  Take time to refine your second half strategy. The year will be a success of a failure based on what choose to do, how you adjust your strategy and play the second half!

So what is your game strategy going to be?