Seth Godin wrote a terrific post recently entitled: How Big is Your Farm  In it he says:

If you own a lot of acres but just have a few bags of seed, you might be tempted to spread out what you’ve got and cover as much territory as you can. Farmers tell me that this is wasteful and time consuming. You end up with less yield and more work.

He draws the parallel to marketing.  If you have limited funds, time or other resources, you can try to spend far and wide, but you are going to end up with poor “crop yield” everywhere.  Or you can concentrate.  Pick one social media tool, and really work that “field”.  Don’t worry about what you are missing in the others.

For me, my core is Twitter.  I stop in on the others from time to time, but Twitter seems to be paying off.  Every day, I have traffic coming to my website from Twitter, prospects and projects.

Twitter may not be right for y0ur business.  Plaxo, LinkedIn or Facebook may be a better fit.  If you have lots of time, check out multiple tools.  But if you are limited, pick one, then plant, fertilize and harvest from your networking farm!