When my kids where young ( they are now 22 & 25 respectively) we had a rule about tasting new foods.   They were not allowed to declare they didn’t like something without tasting it first.  They didn’t have to finish a huge portion, but they had to try everything. ycky-vegtablesAs a result, my kids ate broccoli, brussels sprouts, spinach and a host of other very unusual vegetables and fruits, while my friends watched in amazement.

I was thinking about my kids, as I spoke to a group of business owners who declared Twitter was a waste of time.  They were too busy for such nonsense.  I asked each of them if they had actually tried Twitter.  None of them had ever logged in, but they knew it wasn’t right for for them.  In that moment, they sounded like children, convinced they wouldn’t like broccoli!

Not everyone who tries broccoli, loves broccoli, but if you like it, it is an extremely healthy addition to your weekly diet.  The same is true for Twitter; not everyone who tries it will find it valuable.  But smart business owners and marketers will at least give it try to see if it rounds out their existing marketing diet, or adds a bit of variety to their weekly marketing meal plan!