As I work with clients to develop their internet strategy, (which always incorporates the use of a blog) the topic of content always comes up. How do you find new, fresh content every day?  Some days, I draw on a conversation I had with a client, or an excerpt from a presentation I have been working on, and sometimes my daily post is inspired by something I have read.

So today, I thought I would share links to some of my must reads.

Seth’s Blog – This post is a little longer then his average post.  Usually just a few paragraphs long, his thought provoking writing always gets me thinking.

Sometimes it is Bettter to Be Socially Creative – When it comes to blogging and social media, Kyle has been my mentor, so his is always one of the first blogs I read each day.

Laughing Stalk – Local humorist, Erik Deckers always starts my day with a laugh.   He is also an exceptionally good writer, so it encourages me to raise my writing skills up just a bit when I am done reading his posts.

ProBlogger – I have followed Darren Rowse for quite awhile, but am engaged right now in his 31Days to a Better Blog program, so this is the first stop I make each day.   The ideas are coming fast and furious, and sometimes it is a little hard to keep up, but it has been a great program so far.

The Harvard Business Review – With a team of writers, there are multiple posts each day.  I usually try to find one or two that interest me and give myself permission to skip the rest.

How do I keep up?  I use my Google Reader, and pull RSS Feeds from multiple sites  and I can quickly skim article  and topics to find the most interesting content.  And I use WebNotes to mark content I want to go back to when it is time write something new.

What about you, what are your favorite blogs?