Front Brochure Employee Both Web2

At Roundpeg projects come in waves. This week we have been working on a number of  different brochures for our clients:

Ciriello Plumbing, has been business for more than fifty years.   Laura , the granddaughter of the founder is working hard to update their marketing image.

Recently she  sent us two brochures they had created using Publisher  It has been fun updating the layouts to create a more modern, and attractive look for both their residential and commercial service divisions.

Transistion Resources offers job training for seasonal laborers.  A non-profit association, their marketing material had been produced using Microsoft Word.  The new look will give them a more professional presence as they talk to individuals about about career training.Front Brochure Employee Both Web

Like the Cirello project, there are actually two pieces in this set; one brochure targeted at employees and the other at employers who will hopefully hire these newly trained workers as they complete their schooling.