Sound crazy?  Just as you are fighting to keep the lights on and all of your employees on the payroll, I come along and suggest that you expand your marketing department.  But when things slow down, increasing your marketing activitiy is the most important thing you can do, but it doesn’t have to be more expensive!

In an article by Rosebeth Moss Kantor , the author suggests five smart strategies to expand your marketing department, without spending a lot more money by simply engaging everyone in your organization in the marketing effort.  Several of her suggestions include looking inward and motivating your team:

  1. Increase customer contact and communication
  2. Start looking for new markets now
  3. Invest in employee moral
  4. Emphasize and reward small wins
  5. Stick with your values

I would expand this list by focusing on your referral partners as well.   Schedule time to meet with other business owners who offer related services.  Ask about their business, and look for ways to work together.

In recent days, we have begun to see glimmers of a recovery starting do these things now, and you will be prepared for the upswing in the market.