In this  version of a marketing organization chart, there are four elements: strategy, lead generation, lead conversion and customer service. In a series of posts, I have been exploring each of the elements in more detail. Today, I am taking a closer look at lead conversion

There are three main elements of lead conversion: lead-con

  • Sales
  • Nurturing
  • Transaction

All of the time, money and effort invested in generating leads can be wasted if you don’t have a good process for lead conversion.


What is your sales process like? How effective are you when you are in front of a customer. I rarely bring presentation materials with me to a sales call. I prefer to listen to the client and follow up with relevant information, followup notes and a quote. Although often built from a template, I always personalize the quote to include  specific elements we discussed.


How long do you wait before you send a follow-up note or make a call? I date all my proposals, and place a reminder on my calendar, so it pings me on the appropriate date. My goal is to move prospects to clients or to “no.”  I am ok with a “no.”  I don’t want to continue to chase business which  really isn’t there. I work hard to  make clients comfortable telling me the project isn’t going to happen.


What do you do when you close the deal? I think it depends on the size of the project or sale. For many companies, even fairly small ones, the transaction is also the transition point. I make the sale, but then had the project to my design team. It is important to manage the process so the client does not feel as if you are dumping and running!

What are your tips for maximizing conversion?
Update Aug 15, 2012 Over time we have evolved the image.  Here is our latest version:

RP OrgChart2

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