I no longer think of myself as a  novice blogger.  I have been blogging daily on Business Notes from Roundpeg for 15 months and IndyBiz will celebrate it’s 3 year anniversary in June.   But even after all this time, and hundreds of posts, I still have so much to learn, so I have signed up for ProBlogger – Darren Rowse’s program: 31 Days to a Better Blog.

Every day for the next month, I will receive an email with a tip, and an assignment.  My goal is to read the tip, and work on the assignment every morning, before I start my day.  Then,  from time to time, I will share my assignment here.  If you are also signed up for the ProBlogger Challenge, feel free to share your comments, thoughts and assignment here as well.

I had a guest post scheduled for the first day of this program, and I didn’t want to detract from Josh’s outstanding post, so this is my assignment from Day # 1, even though by the time you read this it will be early on Day #3.

Day # 1 The Elevator Pitch.

This was interesting for me because I teach other business owners the importance of  having a “elevator pitch” for their business, I never thought about having one for my blog.  I have a tag line: Helping Small Business Owners Become Big Business Owners, but the Elevator Pitch needs a little more detail.

The Pitch: Business Notes from Roundpeg is written for an audience comprised of small business owners, with a core expertise (other than marketing) who want to learn how to use marketing tools ( pr, networking, branding, social media, and planning) to grow their business.

This was a great exercise for me, because have gotten a bit off track lately.  Too many of my posts seem to be focused on impressing other bloggers, rather than sharing content with my primary audience, the small business owner.

That is what I learned today.  What about you?