No I am not talking about Obama.  I am talking about me.  Tonight I step down as President of Rainmakers. It has been an amazing three years, in which I have met  incredible people, learned  and grown so much, and seen my life and business move in directions I would never have anticipated.

And so, as I get ready for my last speech as President, I have really struggled with what I want to talk about.   In the last three years, I have given more then 100 speeches, so what is left to say?  After weeks of planning, I have decided to keep it simple, and focus on one theme – ATTITUDE.

I did have a nice 3 part concept working, attitude, action and accountability but attitude was running about 11 minutes, so with a few thank yous along the way, there isn’t much time for the other two.  And  if you have the right attitude, it is easier to move toward action.

So tonight I will be talking about attitude, how you determine the outcome of your day, by your approach.  Why this topic and why now?  There are lots of things in the world which distract and impact us as individuals and as small business owners. There are things I can not control, but I can control, how they make me feel, and how I react in response.

And there is power in attitude!  Ask any doctor about the patient who lived or died, long after all medical treatments had been exhausted.  Patients Will themselves to Life and Will themselves to Death every day.   That same powerful energy can will your business to life or death.

I know the economy is still depressing, and many companies are struggling, I simply choose to focus on what I can do to be successful now. I chose to act with enthusiasm despite the outside world.  I choose to make today great, and as a result it will be.

So if you can’t make it to the Rainmakers Main Event tonight, you just got the short version of the speech, and if you do, you get to hear the stories which go with the message.