Lots of people talk about creating a “Power Team”  A group of business owners who target your customer, with other products and services. For example, it is a good strategy, for a plumber to have a strong relationship with a roofer, a landscape company, and an electrician.  Why?  Because they are bound to run into opportunities for each other. A florist should have a photography, baker, and jeweler in her circle if she wants to be busy during the wedding season.

What about you?  Do you have a Power Team?  And if you do, what are you doing for them.  Yes, you read that right!  If you want a strong Power Circle, you need to actively promote the other small business owners on whom you rely for your best leads.

Recently, I saw a terrific example of this in practice in a newsletter by Jennifer Foster owner of Foster Results, a bookkeeping firm, in the Indy community.  Instead of filling the newsletter with promos from her business the newsletter opens like this:

As our current economy continues to affect small businesses, most of us are trying to cut costs wherever possible, make changes to improve our processes and overall “work smarter.”  It is important that we remember we still need the advice of our most trusted advisors and should make sure we have all of the best players on our team.

We, at Foster Results, would like to share with you some those “people” (positions) we feel are most important to the success of your business.  We are also going to recommend some of our trusted advisors for those who feel they need to add or change the players on their team.

Remember the most successful individuals surround themselves with others who are smarter than themselves!

She goes on to list four companies she recommends, and why.  With links to each website, I am sure each of these companies had a nice uptick in traffic.  And it makes sense.  If I trust her to do my bookkeeping, I am going to at least check out her recommendations.  And the beauty of this strategy?  It costs very little, but creates great rewards.

So what are you doing for your PowerTeam?