Two of our clients, both small business owners,  Jen Farrell with To the Nines and Tiffany Wesseler with Flowers by Tiffany have a unique strategic releationship.  Each company offers a product of interest to high school students during prom season.   Jenn offers tuxedo rental and Tiffany coursages, boutineers, and floral arrangments.

Instead of approaching the schools indivually they are formed a loose partnership which allows them to offer the services as a parckage.  They can cover more ground, each talking to different schools, making arrangments for fittigns, and order placment.

And although each is an independent company, they turned to roundpeg to create marketing material which had a similar look and feel.  These poscards are the result.  Similar styling and attitude the cards can be used as a set or indpenedently.

This is a great example of collaborative marketing and now more then ever companies need to look for ways to work with strategic partners, to extend their reach, share costs, and sell more.

What types of creative makrting strategies are you using in your business?