As a small business owner, I am at war with the economy. At least that is how I feel, and the good news is so far, I am winning. But it is a battle, and so I read with interest a recent post on Chris Brogan’s website about using Ninja techniques against the current economy. He says:

Imagine you’ve got a sword and you’re on the field of battle. A well armed, well armored samurai is charging you, you clash, and you’re about to be overrun by what’s effectively a high speed steamroller covered in chainsaws. As you clash, you try to hold your ground but realize you’re screwed, so you strategically give way, step aside, and drop your sword on the guy’s neck, and the encounter is over.

What does this teach you about a recession? Simple. You’re being overrun, by banks, lenders, creditors, and non-buying consumers. You won’t hold your ground against the tide of the economy any more than you could hold your ground against a charging samurai. Knowing this, look for the opportunity to step aside and change your perspective – literally.

As a small business owners it is easy to be flexible, and change direction.  Instead of sitting at your desk watching bills mount, and staring at the telephone, get outside your business, take a look at what else is going on in the marketplace . Talk to your customers about their customers… Find new needs in the marketplace. Become the Ninja! And win the Battle.