As I move around the the community, I talk to a lot of business owners about the economy, and their business.  Some are flat right now, many are down, and a few are actually doing quite well.   Almost everyone is watching the economy for signs of what will come next, but the business owners who are still “working their business” are still busy.  They may be looking a little harder to find their next sale, but the next sale is still there. 

What does “working their business” mean?  It means doing more, not less to promote and market their business.  But more doesn’t have to be expensive!  I have always beleived that when it comes to marketing it is not how much money you spend, but how well you spend it which makes the difference.   So doing more in today’s ecomony means getting out, makeing a few new contacts, going to an extra networking event.   Make a few more phone calls, with a purpose.  

Maybe the best thing you can do is stop worrying about your own business and worry about some else.   Seth Godin summed up this strategy brilliantly the other day when he said:

Easiest cheap way to dramatically increase sales

Call your customers. Or write to them.

“I know that times might be tough for you. Is there anything I can do to pitch in and help?”

You’ll end up doing a lot for your customers. Which is a wonderful privilege. Even for those that don’t reciprocate.

To this I add, don’t stop at just customers, also consider calling some of your bes referral sources and strategic partners and ask the same question – What can I do for you?   You might be surprised with the results.