David Silverman wrote an intriguing post for Harvard Business Publishing, which contained some good advice for any small business owner.  He asked friends and associates how they felt about the economy, and what plans they had for 2009. The group included a comedy club, restaurant chain, real estate agent, publisher, PR agency, SEO firm, and music promoter.  While the responses were cautious, none of these entrepreneurs was paralyzed by the current economy.They were concerned but ready to be proactive.  He says

What might appear counter intuitive, then, is that no one is planning on closing up shop and hiding out in Ecuador. Quite the opposite — everyone is planning on investing on new products, lines of business, or expansion in 2009.

At Roundpeg, we have planned a monthly direct mail campaign to clients, and serious prospects featuring different products and services we offer.  This won’t replace our electronic marketing, but I think we need to round out our mix this spring to generate a little more activity.  While many of our competitors are pulling back we want to be a bit more visible.

What about you?  What do you have planned for 2009?