In a recent post Carrie Hill outlined the six principles of a “Sticky idea” first introduced in one of my favorite books – Made to Stick. Using the acronym SUCCESS, it is easy to remember the six elements:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Stories

Of the six tactics, my favorite is obviously Stories. Anyone who has every heard me give a presentation knows, how much I rely on that tactic to deliver a message. Why? Because we are all children at heart, and we love a good story. As my listeners or readers become involved in the story, it is easier to make my point, using the illustration as an example.

If you are going to use this technique, keep these few suggestions in mind:

  1. Be sure the story is relevant
  2. Eliminate unnecessary details
  3. Tell the story well – Practice makes perfect, without it you are likely to drift off topic. And if you are using a story in written form, have someone else read it before you publish.

Stories are a powerful method to improve your message – what’s yours?

Here are links to me telling some of my favorite stories:

  • The High Dive At two years old, my son wanted t jump off a high dive board.  We both learned a valuable less that day.
  • My Front Row My first big presentation and i was nervous.  I was glad I had friends on my front row.
  • Unstrategic Relationship A chance encounter in a hallway led to the best business relationship of my life.
  • Crazy People Ever wonder where all the crazy people have gone?   I think I know.

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