I have seen numerous pricing studies, with the same results, prospects will often think your price seems high if they have no basis for comparison.  So how does a small business get around this without sending prospects to a competitor’s site for a price comparison?

Offer choice!  For example:   Model A includes 3 features and sells for $200.  In comparison, model B includes 7 features and is only $250.  In numerous research studies, when offered two choices, 90% of consumers will select the lower price alternative.  However, when presented three alternatives, Model A and B as described above and a super Model C, selling at $600,  more than 70% of the consumers will gravitate to the middle.  Now they have a point of comparison, and your middle range product looks much more attractive.

Want to sell more of you higher priced offer?  Add a third option which is even more expensive, and watch your sales mix shift!

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