I have read a lot of wonderful articles recently on recession proofing your business.  With tips from positive attitude, to positive action, these authors offer inspirational and practical suggestions for small business owners in the months ahead.

Here are links to just a few i have read recently.  My advice – read the articles and subscribe to the feeds of your favorites.   They are worth reading, and worth reading often.

Tech Crunch: TheThe First-Time CEO’s Recession Survival Guide by Glenn Kelman – From the list of 10 must do’s my favorite is Run Weekly Revenue Meetings:

We focus on what we can do to drive revenue from week to week—tactical stuff, like hiring another field agent or changing a call to action on our site. We catch glitches that could otherwise last all month.

Great advice from Seth Godin – He asks:Are you building for your future or protecting your past as he describes the decline of the NY Times:

Do the people running the Times know more about running a newspaper or building ideas that spread profitably online? How about the people running your organization? Odds are, they’re great at yesterday’s business.  I guess it’s about the difference between:

Senior management playing defense, supporting and protecting the status quo and avoiding offending the elders upstairs vs. using existing momentum and clout to build assets for the next business.

Conversation Agent: 25 Ways to Fail and Come Out on Top

This article, despite it’s title is not about failure, but learning from mistakes and preventing them.   My favorite tip:Do as you know how to best, not as you’re told

I’m talking about creating something instead of copying what has worked before – “this is the way we do that” does not work forever. This is especially valid when you are copying what your competitors are doing. … just because everyone else is doing something, it does not mean it’s the right thing to do – for you.

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