In an recent post, Kyle Lacy expressed, rather strongly ( and if you read Kyle you know that is how he usually expresses his opinion)  that PPC is a waste of money. With 90% of traffic going through organic search, he believes it is foolish to spend money on PPC.

While I agree with Kyles preference for organic search in most cases, there are times when PPC makes sense. While I wouldn’t use it to build credibility for a B2B site, I might consider it as part of an introduction of a consumer product with a high conversion rate.

As you evaluate your internet marketing strategy I think it is critical to remember one of the first rules of marketing is to match the media, message and market. When one of the three elements is out of balance, the whole campaign suffers. When you understand who you want to reach and why, it is easier to make a decision on which media makes the most sense.

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