I have to admit I never thought I would be excited to say someone thought I was an SOB.  But I am!   You see an SOB is not what you think. It is an acknowledgment from Liz Strauss that I am a Successful and Outstanding Blogger.

SOB1If you are not familiar with Liz Strauss, you should be.  She is just one of many amazing people I have met through Twitter and enjoy chatting with, although we have never actually met.  The the thing I admire most about Liz, is her genuine interest in other bloggers. With thousands of followers, she takes the time to get to know people who reach out to her.

So if you want to learn how to really use social media;  Twitter and blogging in general, follow Liz.  And if you have something  to contribute to the conversation, tell her you want to be an SOB too!

You can be an SOB too! Give Roundpeg a call and have them turn you into a successful and outstanding blogger today!