Over the last few months both in this blog and face to face with small business owners I have spoken about the importance of writing a blog as part of your overall marketing strategy.  In response, I often hear the same excuses: “I don’t know how to start, I don’t know what to write about.”

But getting started is easy.  Annalise wrote a short post on a fvie step process earlier this week.   Step One –  Observer Others. Browse the web, find information about your industry, new trends and hot topics.   This information will be wonderful to share with your readers.

The more you write, the easier it is to add your own spin to these topics.  However, you blog will  have value to your audience even if it is little more then a collection of information and links. Why, becuase you are saving your readers time.  While you won’t earn a living as a professional blogger with recycled information, that is usually not the goal of a small business blog.   The goal is to create a reason for clients and prospects to return again and again, and a blog will do that.

But I still haven’t addressed the problem of gathering the data.  That is where WebNotes comes in.  Using this amazingly simple tool allows you to put post-it-notes on web pages, highlight interesting text and save it to a file you can review later.

I have been using a Beta version for just a few days, and I am hooked!  Would you like to try it for free?  I have 50 invites.

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