When I first started blogging I thought I had to have a different blog for business and personal comments.   So I created several  BusinessNotes from Roundpeg was supposed to be about business;  marketing tips for small biz owners.  and More than a Few Words is my personal blog.  A place I could be a bit more creative, let some of my humor, and political opinions, which had nothing to do with my business show up.

But if you visit  More Than a Few Words, you won’t see much new since November.  Why?  Because over the last two months I have discovered the line between business and personal is blurring a bit, and this blog is becoming a home for both perspectives.

And so, I am slowly merging the two.   From time to time, I will some of my favorite posts from More than a Few Words, and share them here. – With proper warning.   For example.  Today’s post – Originally written in July, is just a bit sappy and inspirational.   So if you need a dose of positive energy – read on.  If not, come back tomorrow, I will be back to being my cynical, business oriented self.

I stopped at a gas station early one morning on my way to a meeting. As I was giving away a piece of my children inheritance at the pump I made eye contact with  a man across the way doing exactly the same thing.

With a brief nod, he said quietly, without much enthusiasm: “Hey, how you doing?”

I replied as I always do, “Just great, thanks so much for asking, and how about you?”  I could tell he thought  my upbeat tone, and overall enthusiasm was a bit over the top, and if he had a choice, he would have backed away.  But he was still connected to the gas pump, so he felt compelled to reply.

“Oh,” he said with a sigh. “It is going to be a long day.  I have so much to do, and I am just not ready for it”

Before he could continue, I interrupted him.  “That’s not working for me,” I said. I could tell he was surprised by my tone, my interruption, and again he looked longingly at the exit.  But he was stuck, so I continued.

“You are creating the day you are going to have,” I said.  “At this very moment, you are deciding what type of day you are going to have.  Why choose a crappy one?”

Every day, we decide what our day will be like.  Now some times life comes at you fast, and you can not control the events of the day, but you can control how you feel.  How you let them effect you.  Your reactions are your choice.

And so tomorrow decide you will have a wonderful day.  Exciting, interesting, productive or fun.  You decide and at the end of the day, see if it turned out more or less like what you were hoping for.

And in case you are curious … they guy at the gas station drove away, smiling!

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