In a recent post I talked about the benefits of making friends, though social networks then connecting to your friends by linking and mentioning them on your blog and posting comments on theirs.

Now I want you to go a step further, consider guest blogging on other websites, and inviting smart writers to guest blog on yours. For small business owners this is a brilliant strategy. It is like being invited to go on a sales call with a strategic partner.

For more reasons on why this strategy works check out :The Seven Reasons Every Blogger Shoud be Guest Postin

  1. New Audience
  2. More RSS Subscribers
  3. Win-Win Situation
  4. Networking
  5. Fresh Perspective
  6. Different Social Networks
  7. Link Building

When it comes to building an interesting blog, don’t be afraid to share the spotlight, the cumulative effect is a much better blog.

At Roundpeg, Amy, Taylor and Annalise all write from time to time, and it is fun to see the different feel it gives to Business Notes. Early next spring be sure to look for comments from Erica and Rebecca too!

In 2009, I am hoping to have a few other guest posts to share.  Interested?  Drop me note.

Give Roundpeg a call today if you are interested in being on a guest post