Kyle Lacy, and I  were chatting recently about our favorite blogs.  Ok, so we were texting, but that is almost the same thing, isn’t it?  Anyway, he suggested we each create a list of our top 50 blogs.

At first I was a bit intimidated – 50 blogs did I really read that many?   But I figured what the heck it would be fun to see how many I came up with.

Then, when Kyle sent me this cool graphic,  I discovered I don’t follow instructions well.  You see – Kyle is writing about his top 50 here in Indy, and I just picked my top 50.  While many are local, I also follow some really cool folks around the world.

I  have tried to group them in some semblance of an order – with a brief description. Color coding – Red indicates an Indy Blog.

If you are not familiar with some of these, check them out!  And add your favorites!

  1. Kyle Lacy’s Thoughts on Social MediaSocial Media, Marketing, & occasional Social Commentary
  2. Chris Brogan – Social Media, Social Media, Social Media
  3. Chris Baggott’s Guide to Blogging – Social Media, Company Blog
  4. MediaSauce BlogSocial Media, Marketing – Company Blog
  5. Collin Clark – Indy Awesome Blog – Social Media, Web Design – New on the blog scene, but interesting
  6. Noah Coffey Social Media, Marketing
  7. Chris Garret  – the Business of Blogging and New Media – Social Media
  8. TwitTip – Social Media as the Name Implies, Specifically Twitter
  9. ProBlogger – Social Media
  10. Micheal Fruchter – My Thoughts on Social Media – Social Media, Marketing
  11. Tim O’Reily Radar – Technology, Social Media,
  12. Groundswell – Social Media
  13. Jason Baer Where Social Media and Email Collide – Social Media, Marketing
  14. Seth Godin – Social Commentary, Social Media, Marketing
  15. Jim Brown Monopolized Chaos – Social Commentary, Politics, Social Media
  16. Deep Ripples – SEO Blog -SEO, Social Media, Marketing
  17. SEO Boy – Hannipin Marketing – SEO, Social Media, Marketing
  18. Gravy Masters – SEO, Social Media
  19. Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba – Church of the Customer, Social Commentary, Marketing
  20. BNPostive’s Blog – Social Commentary with a decidedly Indy Perspective
  21. Jared Young – The Original Quill – Marketing for Small Biz Owners
  22. Chad Meyers – Three Hats MarketingMarketing and Branding
  23. Duct Tape Marketing Marketing, Social Media – Sometimes a bit commercial, but good content mostly
  24. Amber Naslund – The Brand Box – Marketing, Branding and Social Media
  25. Marketing Profs – My Daily Fix – Marketing
  26. Jim Connolly’s Marketing Blog – Marketing & Networking – Practical Tips
  27. Jim Cota Marketing, Life as a Dad, ( I also like Jim’s columns in the IBJ)
  28. Jason Falls – Social Media Explorer – PR, Social Media and Marketing
  29. The Buzz Bin – PR, Marketing, Social Media
  30. Mark Story – The Intersection of Online and Offline – PR in the Digital Age
  31. Kevin Eikenberry – Leadership
  32. Louis Gray – Technology ( Particularly New Web Aps) and the implications on Social Media
  33. Doug Karr – Marketing Technology BlogTechnology, Marketing – My Go-To resource for WordPress
  34. Michael Wolf – Greywolf SEO Blog – Technology and SEO
  35. BlueLockTechnology, Cloud Computing
  36. Rich Miller Data Center Knowledge – Technology – Nice balance between tech news & opinion
  37. Nicholas Carr – Rough Type – Technology, Cloud Computing
  38. Techy Pundit – Technology, Business and Cloud Computing
  39. Robert Scoble – Scobleizer – Technology, Social Media
  40. Patric Welch What’s Noo? – Technology with a sense of humor
  41. Erik Deckers – The Laughing StalkHumor and Social Commentary
  42. Capitol Watch BlogPolitics – This is my favorite for local and national politics because the authors represent such opposing political views.  My favorite Jenn ( very liberal left wing democrat) and her worthy opponent, Abdul, (very conservative, right wing republican) present the inside scoop with insight, humor, and a even a bit of sarcasm
  43. The Huffington Post – Politics from a Very Liberal Perspective
  44. Indy-Biz – Indy Focused – News about the Indianapolis Small Business Community
  45. I Choose Indy Indy Focused content provided by community at large – best of Indy
  46. Guy Kawasaki – How to Change the World – Smart Stuff – Entrepreneurship, Technology, Social Media
  47. Harvard Management Update – Smart Stuff on Business, Politics, Economics, etc
  48. TED – Ideas Worth Spreading – Smart Stuff – Technology, Education, Design, Science, Creativity, etc
  49. John Byrne – Editor What’s Your Story – Smart Stuff, Business, Technology, Politics
  50. Mooshinindy – Photography

And a few extra’s these are friends who are using blogs in an interesting way to promote their business.   Way to go!

  1. Hartman Inventory – Company Blog, Inventory Service
  2. Barb Jones – Biz Customs – Business Etiquette
  3. Safari Solutions – Company Blog, HR Tips

And if I have missed your favorite – Add it here, then bookmark this page, and come back from time to time to see what others have to say.   Haven’t had enough? I found this: 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter. I have not had a chance to check out the whole list but thought I would put the link here so I can find it from time to time.

What are your top Blogs, Let Roundpeg know today!