With all the buzz on Social Media – Twitter, Blogs, Social Networks – it is hard for the average small business owner to figure out where to start.   Partially because of information overload on the subject, and partially because most are not active social media users.

From a new book by Forrester Researchers (Li and Bernoff) – Groundswell helps small business owners make sense of it all.   They break the population down into groups and levels of interaction: Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators and Non-Users.

Different products will have more Collectors or Non-Users in their target group.   While not perfect, this model can be very helpful as small business owners plan marketing strategies for the web.  It does not make any sense to build a social network if the majority of your market is comprised of spectators.  There will be no one to create the content.

Conversely, if you are targeting an active on-line community a simple blog may be frustrating and drive potential clients away.  Just like any other marketing strategy, match your media to your market.  Not sure where to start?  Buy a Copy of the Book.  It is a very good read!