BizMapBusinessMap: A Practical Guide to Business Planning – $35.00

As a small-business owner, you need a map — a business plan! Without it, you are traveling blind. Often, the road to achieving your goals is a series of small steps. Creating a schedule for these interim steps or milestones will help you track progress toward the overall goal. In this combination book and companion CD, you will discover a step-by-step process complete with numerous examples to help a new business owner create a viable business plan.

Accompanied with blank forms and outlines, “Business Map” provides you will all the necessary information to get your started. Business Map contains:

  • Outline of what your plan should contain along with a complete listing of the questions your plan should answer throughout the process
  • How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes small business owners make when writing their business plan
  • Excerpts from plans across a range of industries to help you formulate your plan

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