Written by Annalise Corman

I know that public relations can be expensive, and also have a bit of a bad reputation in some circles. However, public relations done right is extremely helpful to any company. You never know what is going to catch the eye of the media.

Recently I wrote a release about BlueLock, one of our newest clients, simply stating what they have been doing since they launched in 2006 and what recent events they have participated in. This was part of updating news and events for their new web site.

The day after the article was distributed WISH-TV came knocking on our door asking to do a story on BlueLock concerning this “cloud computing phenomenon”. To BlueLock, this was old hat.  Cloud computing is what they have been doing for two years but to the general media (and might I add general public) it is something new and interesting.

So don’t let the trade you’ve been working on your whole life lose it’s 15 minutes of fame because it may just become a phenomenon to someone else!