Doug Karr has written a simple, but wonderful post on corporate blogging – 200 ideas on what to write about.   If you simple follow his outline, briefly answering one question every other day you will have a year’s worth of content. And these same suggestions will work for small business owners as well.

And writing gets easier.  Once you start, you will find so many other things to write about as well.  From his list of discussion starters here are just a few ideas.

  • What’s the latest news and how does it impact your business?
  • What business associations do you belong to?
  • Who did your logo and how does it represent you?
  • What do your customers expect from you that you deliver?
  • What charities does your company support?
  • What are your employees’ favorite books?

As you can see, the topics range from business to personal and back again.  That is the beauty of a blog, it’s ability to give outsiders and inside view of your company.   And the more they get to  know you, the more comfortable they will be doing business with you.