Journalists love lists!  On a slow news day they will turn to a Top Ten list to fill their pages.  The same strategy will work to drive traffic to your blog or website.

And it is easier then you think.  Dev Basu created a wonderful example of this strategy, with 10 Creative Ideas for Small Business Social Media which included the following:

  1. What to Ask Your [Business Type] Before Hiring Them.
  2. 10 Ways To Save Money by Using a [Business Type].
  3. How to Choose a Good [Business Type].
  4. 5 Totally New Ways of Sprucing up Your [Business Services].
  5. How to Get 50% Off Your Next [Business Service].

So bookmark his post, and the next time you are stuck for content, go there, check out the rest of the list, get inspired and write your top 10!