Written by Amy Rowe

Do you have all the business you need?  This week, and in your pipeline?  If the answer is yes, then you can relax, skip this blog post, and work on something else.

If not pay attention.  –

  • MARKETING is an important activity – It is what will feed your pipeline.
  • MARKETING is not just advertising – it is networking, direct mail, email, blogging, and much more.
  • MARKETING does not have to be expensive or time consuming
  • if you are serious about your busienss – MARKETING is mandatory.

In a recent post on Duct Tape Marketing John Jansch says:

Marketing is and must become a habitual activity in your business. You must live by the marketing calendar or die by the lack of time available to complete the greasing of the squeaky wheel.

So what is your habit?  Do you set aside time weekly to evaluate what is working, and why your phone is or ins’t ringing?  He goes on to suggest:

The only way to find time for marketing is to plan for it. Create a marketing theme for every month of the year and then build marketing activities on a daily and weekly basis around the theme.

I loved this idea – It allows you to tie all the pices of your marketing together.  Messages you create in blogs can be used in newsletters, and emails.   A little planning goes a long way to making it easier to manage your marketing.