According to Seth Godin, what was once conidered incredible, is now run of the mill. The challenge to small business owners in a comptitive market is finding new ways to surprise and delight your customers.  The extra touches don’t always have to expensive, just original.  What types of things impress customers?  Obviously food impresses me:

Cafe Patachu allows you to pour your own coffee.  So waiting for table on a busy Sunday morning is always pleasant as we can stand or sit outside with a cup of coffee.  The National Bank of Indianapolis always has Hershey’s Kisses at each teller’s station ( including the drive through) .  There is nothing better then getting a kiss, with your cash!

My favorite eye doctor, Dr. Jeremy Ciano at Revolution-Eyes didn’t stop with fresh coffee and Godiva Chocolate for patients waiting their turn to see him.   He has notebook computers in the office so you can check your email if he keeps you waiting more then a few minutes.

In each cast, the special customer service, the little extras make are what set these locations apart.

What do you do that is exceptional?