Email Marketing Still Makes Sense

by Sep 16, 2008

Five years ago, I received an email from a small business owner just like me.  I knew  his company was really just him, but I was impressed, by the polished professional look of his email.  I was intrigued and signed up for a free trial of Constant Contact.

My first emails received rave reviews, and enjoyed a 70% open rate.   That was then… Today an estimated 60 billion+ emails are sent daily.   And my open rate isn’t as good.

While many of the 60 billion emails are SPAM selling male enhancement products,  dates with underage girls and self study medical transcription programs,  many are from legitimate small businesses, just like you carrying simple marketing messages. Unfortunately, most  will never be opened or read.

Does that mean email is dead? No it still works, if you use it selectively, build your list slowly as you meet people, and with opt-in functions on your website.   A concentrated list, makes it easier to write laser-focused marketing messages for clients and prospects.  Don’t worry about writing for everyone.

Write regularly, share information, not just advertising and you will see interest in your email grow. keep the content short, and link to your site and other relevant sites for the balance of the information,

Tony Brown had some other suggestions on how to use email effectively.

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