There is a conversation going on at this very minute.  Are you a part of it?  The conversation, among your customers and business associates is occurring on-line with or without you.

According to the folks at Duct Tape marketing, it is not enough to have a nice website.  According to the author:

if you’re not participating in social media, you’re not really online.

To substantiate their opinion, they shared a few statistics from a comprehensive research project developed by Universal McCann.

  • 73% of online users read a blog
  • 57% join social networks
  • 45% have started a blog
  • 83% have viewed a video online
  • 39% subscribe to RSS feeds
  • 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs

Source: Universal McCann Wave3 research into social media

So the question is what are you waiting for?   Not a writer that is not an issue..  Your customers and business associates are not looking for elegant prose.  The research indicates they want to hear from you.  Share current information, inside scoop, industry trends, simple, relevant information and they will come back for more.

No more excuses!  if you have a website, it’s time to add a blog.  If you don’t have a website, create a blog, anyway!  Or at the very least start following and commenting on other blogs!

And if you need more convincing – check out Kyle Lacy’s latest blog.. In response to those who are still sitting on the sidelines, Kyle does not mince words.  He says:

“it is important to remember to be IN the conversation. If your demographic frequents any social network GET INVOLVED. This might mean hiring a part time employee or spending some extra time yourself. SUCK IT UP.

Honestly, you don’t have to suck it up. Maybe I was a little harsh? You could keep on ignoring the conversations and drive your brand into the ground. Your choice. I’ll buy you a shovel but don’t expect me to help you dig.”