Picked up a copy of the Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell recently.  I have read it before, but was flipping through again, and am always fascinated by his ideas on how to create a social epidemic. It begins with three types of people: Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. Ultimately you need to have the support of these three groups of people to bring your ideas to the market place.

Also, think about the strengths your bring to the table.  Are you a:

  • Maven – with a specific area of subject matter expertise
  • Salesman – with the ability to spread ideas to others
  • Connector – with a broad network of contacts through which you share new ideas

Seek others who fill the gaps in your skill set to complete your circle and create a “Tipping Point” for your business.

Where do you meet them?? Start networking; Rainmakers, the Chambers, Network of Women in Business can be a starting point for your own social epidemic.

For the opposite perspective:  Not everyone loves the Tipping Point – Olive Thompson in this article for FastCompany Magazine pours a bit of water on Gladwell’s ideas.