Ok, one more post about social media!
Blog Day 2008

Thanks to Kyle Lacy I found out it is Blog Day. This world wide celebration is designed to introduce great bloggers to each other, and novice bloggers to some of the best writers and thinkers on the net.

Kyle has already commented on some of my favorites:

Mike Fruchter at My Thoughts on Social Media:

Erik Deckers. The Laughing Stalk.

The Marketing Technology Blog by Douglas Karr.

They would all be in my top five, but the point of this activity is to introduce new blogs, so check out Kyle’s description of those, and then here are some others that make my top list.

  1. Kyle Lacy – Ok, so I am not sure I would even know what a social network was if it wasn’t for Kyle. An avid, possibly compulsive web junkie, he is continually trying out new sites, and sharing his opinions. Which may include humor, attitude, and more than a little sarcasm.
  2. Louis Gray – Who describes his blog as a Silicon Valley Blog for early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and Mac freaks. Ok, so I have to admit, sometimes I have no idea what he is talking about, but his write ups, and favorite picks are a great way to learn about what is new on the net.
  3. Patric Welch – Alias Mr. Noobie boils down technology for the very, very novice. I love his sense of humor when he describes his battles with technology. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Louis, but equally fun to read.
  4. Is This Stupid? – Tina (aka stupid blogger) defines her site as an outlet to poke fun at some of the stupidest things she comes across. While much of the posts are about tech she doesn’t stop there. As she says, the Internet doesn’t have a patent on stupid. whether she is taking on Monkey Spankers or people who want to follow their houseplants on Twitter, she does it with attitude and a great sense of humor!
  5. Ok, I’m done.. I know I should have another one, but honestly, by the time I am done reading these four, and the three above.. misc posts on SI and FriendFeed the day is over!

So join the fun.. what are your favorite blogs?