As a marketer, I firmly believe you have to earn the right to ask people to listen to your advertising .  How?  By giving them something of value first.

With their new Digital Nomads site I think Dell has done just that.   Maybe a little too slick and too polished for serious bloggers, it is a nice introduction to the concept for novices – Dell’s target customer.

Most beneficial – The site includes a list of tools which enhance your efficiency as a Digital Nomad –

While the featured blog posts read a bit like ad copy:

Today’s laptop is often our place of business and the location might be the local Starbucks or Peet’s coffee shop,your work space at the office or even your family room at home. Our mobile devices define how efficiently we can work. Bandwidth trumps office space. Conference rooms aren’t where we get most of our work done. For me, I often can’t get anything done in the office because of distractions — I’m far more efficient getting away from the office and wireless access allows me to do that.

If they expand the conversations … it may have potential.

What do you think?